Genesis for Retailers

Genesis Enterprise offers real-time sales and stock management tailored to fashion retailers; whether it be ePoS, eCommerce or solutions for retail consessions. Reports are broken down by colour and size, supplier and brand giving retail managers powerful data for effective decision making.

Genesis for Retailers

Real-time sales and stock management solutions for fashion retailers. Managers know instantly the sales by product, department, supplier and brand. Reports can be analysed by colour and size, giving management powerful data for decision making.

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Visibility of Stock & Sales Across All Channels

Clear visibility of stock and sales across a retailer’s multiple sales channels be they eCommerce, concessions or solo stores is a vital part of managing the business. Genesis Enterprise allows everything to be in one place no matter, regardless of the sales channel customers buy from.

Continue to Trade Even When You're Offline

Even if the internet connection goes down, the till will continue to work, making transactions and taking money. When the connection is up and running again, it will automatically send all the transactions to the back office, updating the system and rendering it live again.

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Details of customers are captured in real time at the till to allow targeting for future products and promotions as well as offering discounts, loyalty cards, VIP packages and Gift Cards.


We supply the latest ePOS hardware offering our customers the best features and performance, such as ePOS CRM and video, to enhance customer loyalty and increase spending.


Sales data from all the sales channels can be provided in real-time to a mobile device. Sales performance can be monitored in real time from a smartphone from anywhere in the world.


The growth of eCommerce is pushing retailers towards offering fully integrated ePOS and eCommerce systems. Online customers demand accurate and up to date stock availability.


Concessions are a very important part of the retail industry. It is therefore critical that important product and sales data can be exchanged electronically with the concession to ensure the correct stock levels are maintained to keep customers satisfied. Over the last 30 years, we have developed many data connections for well known retail organisations.

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mPOS for Retailers

  • Queue buster to check stock levels and make sales without the customer needing to queue up.

  • Provides the customer with a personal retail experience, for an easier buying experience.

  • As well as in store it can be used at festivals, outdoor events, and even in pop-up stores.

  • Connects to a wireless printer to provide receipts at the point of sale.

  • Fully integrated with Genesis Enterprise to provide real-time stock figures.

  • It can be used as part of the fixed point of sale system and when required released to become a mobile point of sale system.

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Genesis for Sports Stadia & Events

We have a 20-year history in supplying ePOS and stock management systems to sports club merchandising stores. Clients have included many football and rugby clubs, where the ePOS has been installed in the club store, linked to the stock management, eCommerce, ticketing and loyalty systems.

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mPOS for Match Days

  • Use the mPOS system to acquire extra sales and new customer details by taking the club shop to the directors boxes.

  • Use the mPOS for temporary stores around the grounds on match day to increase sales. A real-time link ensures the stock is adjusted and replenished.

  • Used in conjunction with the fixed tills in the club store for dealing with long queues on match day and not losing sales.

Real-time Sales on a Smartphone

Club store managers and directors can see the sales as they happen, across all their stores, and eCommerce platforms, on their phones wherever they are in the world.


"Esperus is great at point-of-sale. Now we have the real-time system, we can be completely up-to-date with our mail order business. If something is sold in the shop, we immediately see this carried through to the back-office and stock files updated. On match days, our commercial director often rings up to see what has sold. I can now tell him there and then. It’s all much quicker and completely accurate."

Katie Ashby, E-commerce Manager, QPR