What is the Genesis Enterprise Multi-Channel System?

The new Genesis Enterprise solution offers a real-time, multi-channel system that is designed specifically for the fashion industry.

Retail, Wholesale & eCommerce

The multi-channel concept means that the product is entered once and is reflected consistently on all the sales channels, be they stores, Concessions, wholesale or eCommerce. The sales then come from these channels and are presented in a synchronised format on one reporting dashboard.

On-premises or Cloud-based Deployments

Genesis Enterprise can either be accessed via the cloud or on your own server on-premises. Nowadays the cloud solution is preferred as it means clients need not worry about hardware or backups, and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world - operation is real-time in both scenarios.

Multi-Channel Solution

Genesis Enterprise allows the user to easily manage their stock with the flexibility to suit their business. It allows them to see what is selling down to colour and size level and therefore make informed buying decisions. Key benefits include:

  • Products need only be entered just once and appear consistently across the sales channels, be they solo stores, retail concessions, wholesale or eCommerce. This saves the user time and reduces manual errors.

  • Stock figures are accurate, essential for the effective running of a business which trades online.

  • Sales from all channels are synchronized and presented in one reporting dashboard so management can see a snapshot of the entire business, in one place, and make quick business decisions.

  • Only one system supplier with one point of contact. Issues are addressed efficiently and quickly without the customer needing to liaise between suppliers, reducing frustration and delays.


Over a Quarter of a Century Experience

Esperus provides modular and flexible software solutions in ePOS, eCommerce, retail, wholesale and production applications. These solutions have been optimized over the last 30 years to meet the specific needs of the fashion, footwear, sportswear and outdoor leisurewear industries. As a software house, we are able to tailor the system to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Multi-Channel Business Reporting - One view of the entire business

Genesis Enterprise offers the Advanced Excel Reporter (XRE) Business Intelligence Tool. The XRE provides a dashboard showing the Sales and Stock figures in one single view. Views are tailored to users’ needs so that they see exactly what they want, with their colleagues seeing a different view relevant to them. The data is current and synchronized across all sales channels making XRE a powerful analysis and decision making management tool.

  • Merchandising dashboard provides instant synchronised sales, financial and stock data in one simple clear view across the entire business.

  • The type of data and the way it is presented can be easily tailored to users requirements. Therefore users within the same organisation can have different views as required by their needs.


Stock Management & Optimised Distribution

This powerful feature is at the very heart of Genesis Enterprise. An enquiry screen gives an instant snapshot of quantities and locations of stock, broken down into colour and size variations. Stock management reports can be extracted instantly for analysis and decision making. Optimization methods allow managers to allocate and distribute stock based on stock levels, sales or priority replenishment via location grading.

Reporting for Sales & Stock

Genesis offers a powerful reporting engine that analyses stock and sales by category, brand, supplier, location and many other parameters. These reports can drill down into specific colours and sizes to give managers full insight. We also offer the Advanced Excel Reporter (XRE) Business Intelligence Tool.

Loyalty & Relationships

Customer details and buying patterns are captured at the point of sale and via eCommerce. Targeted customer lists are extracted for marketing. Customers receive highly relevant promotions based on their details and buying patterns. Points per spend schemes encourage repeat spending and enhance brand loyalty.

Staff Access & Security

Set the hierarchy for management levels of staff in terms of access and functionality. This means that staff can only have access to only certain reports and data for both security and management decision making. Create specific reports to look at staff performance via KPIs for analysis, training and management purposes.

Cordings Little Mistress Goodwood James Lock QPR Timberland

Mobile Solutions

  • GenPOS: Mobile ePOS till with a mobile receipt printer and scanner. Useful for queue busting, pop-up stores, and events.

  • mSOP: Mobile Sales Order Processing allowing sales agents to take out-of-office sales orders at exhibitions or at different locations.

  • eReports: Sales on-the-go for real-time sales data straight to a smartphone. This allows managers to make instant decisions, wherever they are in the world, and keep one step ahead of the competition.

Powerful Reporting

  • What are the best and worst selling products?

  • How are sales versus the same period last year?

  • How are our web sales doing compared with in-store?

  • How is our store doing compared to others in our group?

  • What was the value of our stock during December last year?

  • Who is the best sales assistant?

Integrations to Other Systems

Over the past 20 years, we have developed many interfaces to other systems, such as Sage 50 and VeriFone amongst many others, to allow clients to have a one-stop solution.

Modular - Pay for what you need

Genesis is a modular solution so customers pay for what they need. It is used by retailers for solo stores, concessions, wholesalers and eCommerce. The key advantage is that we provide a complete solution.


One Provider

Since Genesis is our own product, and our development team are in-house, we are in the fortunate position to be flexible and cost-effective in tailoring Genesis to meet the specific needs of our clients, either by developing new standard software modules or bespoke developments.

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"Genesis is a robust, easy to use and intuitive stock control system, with extensive functionality that covers all aspects of stock and sales management. There are numerous reports available which are clear and concise. Genesis has enabled Cordings to manage our business easily and efficiently."

Hillary Becque, Marketing Director, Cordings of Piccadilly